Kisses, connections and reheated old flames in the villa as ex-Love Islander Adam Collard returns

Producers have introduced the biggest twist to date with the return of 2018 islander Adam Collard to the villa - and he isn’t afraid to go for what he wants.

Firstly, let’s talk about how explosive the aftermath of the re-coupling was. Things certainly got a bit spicy, didn’t they?

The eruption was mainly between Andrew and Tasha, after she found out how close he and Coco got during Casa Amor and he wasn’t honest about it.

Tasha was left in tears when Coco revealed how intimate Andrew had been with her and he didn’t break the news to her himself.

Adam Collard

Things between Dami and Indiyah also got a bit frosty when Dami revealed he’d kissed Summer multiple times when him and Indiyah were in separate villas. Despite Indiyah also re-coupling with Deji, she felt she was more respectful about the situation, as she never shared any kisses with him.

It took me by surprise last night when Paige and Jacques were saved as a couple, considering he landed himself in the doghouse following the re-coupling after Cheyanne revealed her and Jacques shared a connection and kisses whilst Paige was away.

Since then, Jacques has been trying his best to win Paige back but she’s certainly making him grovel.

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Just when we were overcoming the re-coupling drama, the episode ended with a preview of the biggest twist to date.

A spanner has been thrown in the works as islander Adam Collard, who featured in the 2018 series, makes a return to the show.

My jaw dropped and I was left speechless at the decision to bring back a former islander – it’s never been done before.

If you’re a notorious Love Island fan like me, you’ll know the level of drama is about to be turned up a notch with the arrival of Adam.

His head was like a revolving door during his previous stint in the villa, following every girl that came in and leaving a trail of broken feelings along the way, each time he moved on to a new girl.

From preview clips I’ve seen as he enters the villa, it’s clear to see he hasn’t changed his ways and he gets cracking with Paige, Danica and Ekin-Su.

Islanders, watch out!