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The challenges of when a marriage breaks down.

The challenges of a marriage breakdown and what happens to the family home

I have been considering separating from my partner of 15 years for quite some time now as I believe our marriage has broken down.
However, I have never spoken to my partner about this as I have a number of concerns and my main worry is the house as I do not know what would happen or what options I may have.
I am worried my son who is aged 11 and I may end up homeless, what can I do?

The Coroner's Court.

Legal Eagle: Why a post-mortem can be held

A relative recently died in hospital. I am her next of kin. I was surprised to be contacted by someone from the coroner’s office telling me there was going to be a post-mortem. Can they do this without my permission and why is it required?


Legal Eagle: The grounds for a divorce needed to end a marriage

My husband and I have been married for three years. Over the past year our relationship has gone downhill due to my husband’s alcoholism which has resulted in heated arguments witnessed by our young children. I have ensured that the house is in my sole name, how do I get a divorce and does he have any financial right to the home where the children and I live?

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Legal Eagle: The facts about ‘revenge porn’

On April 28, 2015, we published an article on our website explaining “revenge porn” had become a criminal offence from April 13, 2015. We have since published a number of articles including information on criminal prosecutions.

A damaged pavement.

Legal Eagle: Be aware of ‘contributory negligence’ when seeking compensation

I got injured when I tripped over on a defective pavement. I got hurt badly – my arm was broken in more than one place. The council accepted it was responsible to pay me compensation because it had not noticed that the pavement was defective and should have done and should have fixed the pavement. But the council wants to pay me only 75% of the full value of my case because of “contributory negligence”. I do not understand this, especially because my injuries were so bad.

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