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Shaping Up: Tips for staying healthy at Easter

I love Easter time, there’s lots of fun to be had. Easter egg hunts, crafts, baking, chocolate eggs, hot cross buns. It’s always an action-packed couple of weeks with the kids.


East Coast Workout: Pyramid workout

If you’re pushed for time over Easter, then give this Pyramid workout a go.

Graham takes part in one of his own boot camps.

Shaping Up: If you’ve fallen back in the winter, it’s time to spring forward

If you haven’t met your weight loss or fitness targets over the winter months, don’t beat yourself up about it.

A melon, cucumber and lime smoothie.

Shaping Up: Five ways you can increase your fruit and veg intake

Fruit and veg is a hot topic in the health and fitness world at the moment.

Graham takes part in one of his own boot camps.

Shaping Up: Try this workout to get fit in seven days

Try this seven-day challenge to improve your fitness quickly …

Ice cream is a common comfort food.

Shaping Up: Three tips to avoid comfort eating

Last week I had a phone call from one of my boot camp members seeking some advice.

Today's workout is all about the legs.

East Coast Workout: Seven-minute session to tone up your legs

Use this workout to tone your legs and bum. It only takes seven minutes but you will definitely feel the burn in your thighs. It’s a great way to tone all of the muscles in your legs.

A healthy tortilla pizza.

Try our recipe of the week for healthy tortilla pizza

When you feel in need of comfort food try this healthy tortilla pizza. It’s a great way of having a treat without destroying your healthy eating.

Doughnuts are a comfort food to many.

Top tips on how to resist comfort eating

A lot of people suffer or have suffered from stress. It can be caused by a lot of things, like moving house, financial obligations, getting married, family, being unhappy in your job, having a heavy work load.

How good are your squats?

Take the full body tabata workout from our expert at East Coast Fitness

Each round consists of eight, 20 second efforts, with 10 seconds rest in between.

Sugar in food and soft drinks can cause obesity and diabetes.

SHAPING UP: The dangers of sugar addiction

I’ve started watching a new TV series this week ... Lucky Man.

Mark Scott shows the difference the boot camp programme made for him.

SHAPING UP: Three key foundations for losing weight

There are three key foundations for losing weight - that you probably never thought about.

Get fit in 2017.

SHAPING UP: Five tips on how to get a flat stomach in 2017

The Christmas and New Year celebrations are over now and a lot of people have set themselves fitness targets for 2017.

Fitness workout.

SHAPING UP: Facing the demon of obesity ...

The horrors of Hallowe’en are here again soon so I want to use this scary time of year to tell people some of the most frightening facts about obesity and poor health.

Keeping fit.

SHAPING UP: Get past the fear of joining a group

Joining a boot camp or a new exercise class can be very daunting.

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