A great idea or a terrible view? What Mail readers said as 'box park' approved for Hartlepool retail park

Mail readers have been sharing their views after an innovative ‘box park’, built using shipping containers, was approved for Hartlepool.

Saturday, 7th September 2019, 9:00 am
This is how it will look

Six shipping containers, which will be used for retail, will go up at Tees Bay Retail Park – and could provide up to 40 jobs.

This is what you had to say on the Hartlepool Mail Facebook page.

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Lynsey Feilden said: “I really don't think empty shipping containers are a great idea in a retail park and will look terrible in years to come. I love Hartlepool and I want it to succeed but this is not great I'm sorry.”

Jean Eastwood commented: “What’s that gonna do for the town? A few empty containers. How does that make it more inviting? We need shops not containers.”

Hollie Lindridge argued: “Best get the other empty units filled up first. Seems pointless.”

Tony Morrell shared concerns about existing empty shops.

He added: “Wonder when they are gonna start putting tenants in the empty shops by blockbuster?” Seems crazy that they kicked everyone out to spend a fortune and leave them empty.”

Some supported the plans getting the green light and welcomed the investment of new business in Hartlepool.

Linda Kendrick said: “Will need multi-storey car park as it gets mega packed already but very happy. More business. More jobs.”

Carolyn Stubbings added: “I want to see Hartlepool succeed. My birth town!”