Hartlepool Mail readers back strict line on school uniform

Hartlepool Mail readers have backed strict rules on uniform as a means to maintain classroom discipline.

Monday, 2nd September 2019, 20:54 pm
Updated Tuesday, 3rd September 2019, 19:08 pm
Hartlepool Mail readers have backed a strict line on school uniform

With youngsters across the country heading back to school after the six weeks summer holiday this week, we asked you “Are strict uniform policies necessary to tackle bad behaviour in schools?”

More than 250 people took part in our on-line poll and the result was a definite ‘Yes.’

Fifty-four per cent of readers backed struct rules on uniform , with just 46 per cent saying it was not necessary.

Amanda Arnison and Ann Marshall are both in favour of school uniform.

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Amanda said it was ‘Cheaper, smarter, less hassle,’ while Ann believes it ‘Helps cut down on bullying and makes everyone the same,’

But Angela Holroyd thought uniforms were overpriced while families were struggling to buy food and criticised schools which make frequent changes to uniform, making it harder to pass it on between siblings.

“Families with a few kids growing used to be ok but now they change stuff on the uniform and instead of being able to pass stuff to younger children, you have to have new for all!”, she said.

“I struggled and we had a good wage! It’s silly, when I was at school you got a badge to be sewn on to it and you could purchase most of the kit from Pools surplus store and even then my parents struggled to purchase!

“Now they want mainstream kids dressed like private kids!”