Majority in our poll want higher salaries for new teachers

Teachers’ starting salaries will go up to £26,000 in England later this year, rising to £30,000 in two years’ time as the government aims to make the profession more attractive.

Thursday, 23rd January 2020, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 23rd January 2020, 11:02 am
New teachers are to receive higher salaries from later this year.
New teachers are to receive higher salaries from later this year.

Is this the right move? We asked in our Facebook poll: “Do you think wages should be higher for new recruits into teaching?”

At the time of writing, almost 600 people had voted with 62% saying yes, 38% no. Here are some of the comments we received.

Jane Sawdon said: “Why pay higher to start with? After a year will their get their pay dropped to be the same as the others? Why not give the original teacher a boost as there there through thick and thin taking all kinds from kids and parents?”

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Karl Schut said: “Forty percent said no. It just shows the mentality of this town. The days of believing teachers work 9-3 with every school holiday abroad are long gone. Get with the times. They work a ridiculous amount of hours and they NEVER switch off. Twenty-six K is a pittance for what they do.”

Barbara Duffy thinks: “Yes, but they are better off than nurses who are totally exploited!”

Stewart Brown said: “I think wages should be higher, full stop.”

Paul Anthony Wenn said: “Before people start fling mud at each other, take a step back and look the whole problem.

“Every single part of the public sector is overworked, underpaid and just about on its knees. Teachers have such a high workload more and more work is given to the kids to catch up at home.”