TV crew film gifted Hartlepool student on GCSE results day for BBC Two Generation Gifted documentary

A Hartlepool student's three-year TV journey came to an end as he collected his GCSE results.

Thursday, 22nd August 2019, 12:27 pm
Updated Thursday, 22nd August 2019, 17:52 pm
High Tunstall College of Science student Kian Milburn with his GCSE results.

Kian Milburn, from the Headland, has been followed around by a TV crew since he was 14 as part of BBC Two documentary Generation Gifted.

It has focused on six promising students from less well off backgrounds as they strive to achieve and succeed.

Kian passed everything with most being strong passes (grade 5) and 6s in trilogy combined sciences.

The collecting of his results at High Tunstall College of Science was filmed by the crew from Blast Films.

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Speaking to the Mail afterwards, he said: "My results were alright, they could have been a bit better but there are going to be bumps and you just have to deal with it."

Kian will soon say goodbye to the camera crew that have followed his studies and home life for three years.

He said: "I put myself forward for it because I was bored and just thought 'why not?'

"For a while it was sort of annoying, but I got used to it as time goes on."

And despite the attention, Kian said he did not feel any added pressure.

"There's no point worrying about what is or isn't going to be on TV," he said.

"Also it shows all the hard work I have put in for the past few years."

Kian will continue his journey at East Durham College in Peterlee where he plans to study A-level maths, chemistry and physics.