University or the world of work? Mail readers have their say on future skills in online poll

Which do you think is more important, university education, or hands-on work experience?

Saturday, 17th August 2019, 9:00 am
Hartlepool Sixth Form College students Rebekah Young, Eden Bates, Hannah Johnson. Amy Richardson and Steffi Ellison celebrate their A-Level results. Photo by Ian McClelland.

As hundreds of nervous student across the Hartlepool area headed to pick up their A Level results, we asked Mail readers on Facebook which they thought was of the biggest benefit in later life.

On Facebook, Gren Long said: “A work ethic and not afraid of hard work.”

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Colin Noble added: “[It] depends on the job.”

Adrian Paul echoed the poll result and added: “Hands on. Everytime!!”

Jimmy Winter said: “I came out of university with my degree and no-one will give me a job because I don't have the experience that people have by not going.”

Benjamin Taylor said: “Speaking as a graduate, I'd say hands on work experience is of more value. Plenty of graduates working in call centres, whilst people who did apprenticeships in trades earn more money.”

Graeme Collinson said: “Apprenticeships are the way to go. College and hands on experience. Invaluable.”

More than 250 took part in the vote.

Education stats from show that less people are turning to apprenticeships to get their foot on the career ladder. Between 2017 and 2018, there were 261,200 apprenticeships started, compared to 362,400 reported in the previous year.