Hartlepool health chiefs’ hangover advice as rugby world cup kicks off

Local health chiefs have shared tips for how how rugby fans celebrating the start of the World Cup can avoid getting a hangover.

Friday, 20th September 2019, 4:57 pm
Updated Sunday, 22nd September 2019, 9:19 pm
A man drinking alcohol. Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Hartlepool and Stockton-onTees Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) put out a tweet urging supporters watching the competition which kicked off in Japan on Friday, September 20, not to overdo it.

The CCG said: “Celebrating the start of the Rugby World Cup this weekend? Plan ahead and know your limits to prevent a hangover.”

It shared a link to the NHS’s dedicated hangover webpage which includes advice for how to avoid getting a hangover in the first place.

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Tips include not to drink on an empty stomach, drink water or non-fizzy soft drinks in between each alcoholic drink and to drink a pint or so of water before going to sleep.

The website also lists various hangover cures.

It states: “If you wake up the next morning feeling terrible, you probably didn't follow our advice.

“Dealing with a hangover involves rehydrating the body to help it deal with the painful symptoms.”

Treatments include eating sugary foods, thin vegetable soup, and drinking things like water, soda water and isotonic drinks to replace lost fluids.

Drinking more alcohol with the ‘hair of the dog’ is urged against for merely delaying the hangover effect.

The page also includes information on men and women’s recommended alcohol units a week and details of how many units there are in various different drinks.