One man's wonderful memories of Hartlepool Show when he became the announcer in front of 14,000 people

Peter Sotheran will never forget the day he played a vital role at Hartlepool Show in 1968.

Saturday, 7th September 2019, 9:00 am
Updated Saturday, 7th September 2019, 10:51 am
One of Peter's one photos from all those years ago - and he recalled: "I had several years experience at local charitable and church garden parties but the H'pool Show was certainly my largest audience - around 14,400, I was told" Photo: Peter Sotheran.

And that’s because he stepped in as the announcer for the event with less than a fortnight’s notice 50 years ago – and performed the job admirably in front of more than 14,000 people in Ward Jackson Park.

He got in touch with us after we featured a reminder of the show over the years – and shared his own memories of one special year.

At such a big event, lost children was one issue. Peter recalled: "There seemed to be a steady flow of small children who had become separated from their parents. Lost children were looked after by the on-site first-aiders, probably St. John Ambulance or Red Cros until they were re-united with their parents." Photo: Peter Sotheran.

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Here is Peter announcing the winner of the Miss Hartlepool 1968 competition. But another part of the show was more testing. peter recalled: "The most challenging part of the day was when I was asked to stand in the centre of the arena and to introduce the riders in the pony gymkhana announce their scores. Being 50-100 yards from the edge of the arena, my voice coming over the pa system reached me a couple of seconds after I had spoken. I found myself speaking in very-short-bursts to-get-the-words-out before-the-sound-reached-me as it was almost impossible to speak against the sound of my own voice which was acting as a delayed echo! Great fun!" Photo: Peter Sotheran.
In later years, the event moved to Grayfields but the crowds kept pouring in.
It's chaos during the pram race at Hartlepool Show. Remember this?
This stunt rider certainly got the attention of the Hartlepool Show crowds.
A pipe band makes an impressive sight during one Hartlepool Show. Remember this?
More scenes of fun at the pram races.
A strongman had local children enthralled in this show scene. Remember it?
The 1960s days of the show. Photo: Peter Sotheran.