£3,000 boost for charity

(L-R) Presenter Gethin Jones, Dawn and Ian McManus and contestant Daniel Drinkwater
(L-R) Presenter Gethin Jones, Dawn and Ian McManus and contestant Daniel Drinkwater

A HARTLEPOOL charity that inspires young people through the arts secured almost a year’s rent when a generous volunteer went on a national TV quiz.

Red Dreams received a welcome £3,000 boost when supporter Daniel Drinkwater appeared on ITV’s Holding Out For a Hero last night.

Town musician Daniel, 29, who has mentored youngsters at Red Dreams for three years, went on the show in a bid to win mega money for the charity.

Despite answering all of his questions correctly, he narrowly missed out on winning more than £60,000 due to bad luck on the turn of a card.

But Red Dreams was guaranteed £3,000 just for appearing on the show.

Daniel said he chose to enter the nerve-racking quiz because he wanted to give something back to charity founders Ian and Dawn McManus who also appeared on the show.

They launched Red Dreams, in Whitby Street South, after their only child Kyle, who was a talented student of the arts, died suddenly from a brain haemorrhage in April 2007 aged just 17.

On the show, Daniel competed against two other contestants all battling for their favourite charities.

Each took it in turn to answer five multiple choice questions, which were worth anything between £1,000 to £20,000, after the contestants picked a “gift card.”

Daniel got all his questions right but failed to beat the target of £62,000 reached by the previous contestant.

The prize went to the charity Surf Action, in Cornwall, which tackles post traumatic stress in combat veterans.

Afterwards Dawn, 40, said: “It is all about luck and is just down to what cards you pulled out.

“Daniel did a great job for us.

“We only found out about it a week before we filmed the show.

“That is money we had no idea was coming to us, so it’s brilliant.

“It pretty much covers a full year’s rent so it’s good to have.

“Sixty-two thousand would have been better, but you can’t have everything!”

Dawn and Ian, who live in Lennox Walk, Hartlepool, watched last night’s show at Seaton Carew Cricket Club surrounded by 40 family and friends.