500 beers just months away

Peter Morgan insiide the Rat Race
Peter Morgan insiide the Rat Race
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A PINT-SIZED pub is just months away from welcoming its 500th different type of beer.

The Rat Race pub, based at Hartlepool railway station, only opened a little over two years ago but is constantly changing its list of ales available to customers.

Landlord Pete Morgan has stocked 443 different types of beer in that time.

He keeps a beer mat of every different type, and has set up an impressive display on the wall of the small pub.

The 46-year-old regularly changes his menu of ales. He marks each ale with a number from one to four so customers know how strong or weak the beer is.

Pete, who lives in Trimdon Station and has run the pub since November 2009, said he thinks he will stock his 500th beer at the end of March.

He chooses his next list of beers from catalogues using his own expertise.

“I have been drinking beer for 30 years, so I have quite a lot of experience now,” he said.

Pete says his personal favourite out of all the beer he has stocked is Elland 1872 Porter.

He added: “We have had all sorts of different types of beer in the last couple of years, some have been popular than others.

“We have a list of beers available which also shows the next types which we will be stocking so customers always know what is coming.”