A Humber whodunnit

CRIME with a Humberside feel comes to Hartlepool when two writers head to town for a literary festival.

Crime authors Nick Quantrill and Nick Triplow will be the guests at Hartlepool Central Library for an evening focusing on crime writing.

The event at the Central Library will also include readings and discussion.

The event on Thursday, June 6, runs from 7pm to 9pm.

Nick Quantrill is known for works such as Broken Dreams and The Late Greats while Nick Triplow is the author of Frank’s Wild Years.

Both will speak about the dark streets and dangerous places of Hull and the Humber delta, drawing on their own novels and the writing of author Ted Lewis, whose 1970 novel Jack’s Return Home was filmed as the iconic Get Carter in Mike Hodges’ 1971 movie.

Nick Triplow said: “The link between the Humber and the North-East was written into British crime history with Jack’s Return Home set in and around Scunthorpe, and Get Carter in Newcastle.

“There’s an affinity and a shared experience along the North-Eastern coast.”

The appearance by the two authors is part of the festival of author appearances in town. Tickets are £3 for the Humberside-based event called The Humber Beat which is open to anyone aged 16 and over.

Other authors appearing as guest speakers as well as murder mystery nights are also planned.

Anyone wanting more details should contact the Central Library on (01429) 272905.