And the bride wore... yellow?

Cornflower The Bride, below,what I've ended up with.
Cornflower The Bride, below,what I've ended up with.

AS part of my grand scheme to lighten the colour palette in the garden, I ordered a lot of white varieties this year.

One of them was the hardy annual cornflower, The Bride.

As its name suggests, it is a white version of the more usual blue. It’s easy to grow and a good space filler.

However, its characteristic buds broke to reveal a dandelion yellow flower.

Surely some mistake. I checked the packet – it was The Bride and promised white blooms.

After my initial horror, I sat back and took in the relationships with its neighbours.

The yellow brought out the tones in the golden marjoram and mock orange blossom; they contrasted nicely with the purple foliage of the lysimachia and complemented the various violas, violet campanula and billowy white cow parsley and dianthus.

It looks like what I’ve ended up with is Dairy Maid.

So, they’re a bit more Cushy Butterfield than The Virgin Bride – but no harm done!