Bagging herself a singer husband

Joyce and Dave Appleton today
Joyce and Dave Appleton today

JOYCE AISBITT might not have got her song request but she bagged herself a singer husband.

Dave Appleton was a teenage singer in ‘The What’ and when Joyce asked for a request he said he’d try his best.

She might not have got exactly what she wanted but they agreed to meet under the famous clock at midnight on New Year’s Eve 1965 and have been together ever since.

Dave recalled: “I was playing at the Town Hall when we saw each other for the first time. Joyce asked for Bring it on Home to Me by The Animals but I didn’t know that one so I sang I Can’t Get No Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones instead.”

Joyce smiled: “Dave asked if he could walk me home that night but I had to go home with my mam so we agreed to meet at the Rink on New Year’s Eve.”

The What played at the Rink a number of times with bands such as Russ and the Nickels and Wayne Fontana.

Dave recalled: “We got paid £5 and five shillings for playing at the Rink between the five of us, we were the warm-up for some of the bigger bands.

“I remember Wayne Fontana rolling up in a big Jaguar Mark 10 and all the girls were coming backstage to see him. He said ‘wow is it like this here all the time!’ before he got back in his Jag and drove off home to Manchester.”

Joyce and Dave, now 64 and 65, married in 1968 and now live in Belmont Gardens.

Joyce added: “You saw a fair few fights going on at the Rink but it was the place to be and we all loved going for a dance and to meet up. You always knew everyone was going to be there.”