Cardboard disposable barbecue aims to be a hit among eco-friendly grillers

The CasusGrill
The CasusGrill

A canny company have made the world's first biodegradable barbecue - made out of cardboard.

The eco-friendly grill is ready to cook in only five minutes and is made entirely from wood, paper and other biodegradable materials.

The CasusGrill is a fully eco-friendly alternative to the metal versions which fly off the shelves in British supermarkets every summer.

It's made of all natural materials, including bamboo and degradable cardboard, and can cook food for up to three hours.

Designers coined the grill after a visit to the French Alps in 2009, where burned out metal trays were scattered across the fields and mountains.

CasusGrill, headed up by Danish businessman Carsten Brøgger, said: "It creates a high, even temperature that ensures your food gets properly grilled with a delicious crispy barbeque finish.

"The thermal insulation reduces the outside temperature of the grill. It is even possible to hold the grill in your bare hands while it is grilling without any burn damage.

"The CasusGrill uses up to 50 per cent less charcoal compared to the existing single-use grills on the market which results in less CO2 emission.

"The CasusGrill should be decomposed in a trash bin. If not, it will degrade and will not leave any traces of aluminium for up to 400 years in nature like conventional single-use grills.

"After use you can also put the CasusGrill in a bonfire and no trash is left in nature except the special lava stones.

"The lava stones are made of Perlite. Perlite are used in nurseries as soil improvement and can be returned to nature again without any harm.

"It comes from nature and goes back to nature without any trace in the environment."

The grill is set up in a similar way to a traditional disposable BBQ and designers say it can be used in temperatures as low as 10 degrees Celsius, at altitudes as high as 2,000 metres.