Dancer’s TV slot is good Korea move

STYLISH: The dancing duo go through one of their routines
STYLISH: The dancing duo go through one of their routines

WORLD-CLASS dancer Adele Jang Don has become a television star – more than 8,000 miles from her home town.

The Hartlepool-born 26-year-old has appeared on the South Korean version of This Morning with her husband, Jang SeHyoung Don.

The pair first shot to fame in an award-winning Korean documentary about their marriage and dancing partnership. And their moment in the spotlight has been extended.

Adele said: “They have been following us all year while we travelled to England and America.

“When we returned to Seoul, we were asked to appear on the most famous morning programme in Korea, AChima Dang, which is like This Morning in England. It was amazing.”

The couple, the British champions at showdance were asked to dance live on national television.

“We had to dance on a circular floor which was no bigger than 8ft in diameter,” said Adele.

“The audience were sat around us with glass tables and drinks on them so it was so dangerous but a great experience for us.”

There were other pluses too. Adele said: “We took my father-in-law as it is his favourite programme. When he got back to his farm he was a megastar. All of his friends were congratulating him.

“He was asked on air what he thought of his youngest son marrying a foreign girl, especially an English girl which is a rarity in Korea.

“Normally it is an arranged marriage within the family. But he said we were amazing together and he treats me like a daughter. I was very happy when I heard this.”

Adele added: “My father-in-law said he wants me to provide four children, two sons and two daughters.”

Adele’s TV experience did not end there. The programme producers also got her to sing a traditional Korean nursery rhyme with her seven-year-old niece Sun Juong.

She said: “When Sun Juong returned to school she was also a megastar and the children and teachers watched a re-run of it.”

Addle is now a Korean superstar and said: “We have had phone calls galore asking for us to appear on certain programmes and go to awards shows, and we have been formally invited to watch a ballet performance.

“We are stopped on the underground by people asking for a photo or to shake hands with us. We feel so honoured to be in our position”

Further fame has also followed. Adele added: “After we appeared on the programme, we had a phone call from an advocate of the TaeKwonDo Association in CheonJiWon, South Korea.

“He asked if we would become pioneers and advocates of his new Association the Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts Dance Sport Federation, in Las Vegas, USA and In CheonJiWon, South Korea.

“I was awarded 5th dan black belt and made director of education and Master Adele Jang Don. My husband was awarded 7th dan black belt, a grand master and made vice-president of this association.”

Adele and Jang became a couple after travelling to New York in 2006 to seek work as dancing partners.