Dancing for charity

A DANCE class has been fundraising to add to its facilities.

Kim Ross runs sessions in Hartlepool including some in conjunction with the Hartlepool MIND group.

She told Dance Fever: “We have been doing a bit of fundraising over the last couple of weeks, as we are needing portable mirrors for one of the main dance studios I rent.

“This in turn will benefit all of my students and will allow us to prepare for a one-night only streetdance charity event at the end of the year to support some worthy and struggling charities in the town.”

The fundraisers which have been held so far included a dance movie night at the Flix movie cafe in Church Square, Hartlepool.

“We raised £140 which is just a fantastic achievement,” said Kim, who praised cafe owner Adam Bouabda as well as his staff, and also Claire Guffick, from Hartlepool Mind.

“We are organising some more events to help raise more money.”

Kim hosts dance classes on Thursdays, from 4pm to 5pm, in conjunction with the Hartlepool MIND group.

It is open to females aged 13 and over and its aim is to introduce girls and women back into physical activity in the local community and become more socially involved.

The Peoples Centre sessions, in Raby Road, are for “anyone who wants to come along and enjoy themselves,” said Kim.

She also hosts other classes such as two adult street dance sessions a week, an under tens street dance session, and two street chaos sessions for girls aged 10 to 17.