Enjoy the Fine life ...on a £62K yacht

Allan Henderson at the wheel of the I'll Be Fine
Allan Henderson at the wheel of the I'll Be Fine

FANCY living the life of a star on board a £62,000 yacht?

Well now you can do just that at Hartlepool Marina.

The touch of high seas luxury has been unveiled at the marina and it’s available to anyone for hire as bosses continue to bring sailing to the people.

The 41ft vessel It’ll Be Fine. It can carry eight people with one of them being a qualified skipper who is provided by Hartlepool Marina.

The vessel is available for both day sails and for people who fancy an overnight berth at anywhere from Newcastle Quayside to Whitby – or even mooring offshore at the Farne Islands and taking in the wildlife as the sun goes down.

Marina director Allan Henderson said: “We are trying to expand into luxury sailing. It is open to all ages and all abilities.”

The ship has a crew lift which means it can cater for a limited number of disabled people.

She is available at £50 per person per day as standard, and Mr Henderson added: “There is space for seven people on board as well as the skipper who we provide.

“You can sleep on the boat. It is luxury accommodation with on-board hot showers. Typically, people could go for a day sail around the Tees Bay or perhaps have an overnight stay to somewhere like Whitby.

“The yacht has all the modern navigation equipment and radar and is equipped for any weather.” Marina chiefs saw the yacht in Amble Marina and Mr Henderson said: “It ticked all our boxes. It is a long term investment and we hope to get people on the water in a very comfortable and safe environment.”

The yacht becomes the latest addition to the facilities at the marina which also include the Adventure pirate ship, jet skiing, hovercraft, paddle boards, thunder cats, and the walk on water spheres.