A bouquet of flowers for bride

Andrew Bazeley and Gemma Kerr pictured at the Secret Garden.
Andrew Bazeley and Gemma Kerr pictured at the Secret Garden.

A SPLASH of floral colour is an important part of any bride’s wedding.

And the Hartlepool Mail’s Bride of the Year Gemma Kerr, 28, is no different. She’s putting the fine touches to her £13,000 wedding package.

That includes her bouquet as well as other flowers for her big day.

She is in the safe hands of A Secret Garden, the award-winning Hartlepool florist which will be providing flowers for the bride and three bridesmaids, and buttonholes.

The shop, owned by Carl Blake, is run by two of his team of talented florists, Cheryl Wakefield and Rebecca Hough.

The business boasts a team of five people, each committed to providing flowers for occasions such as weddings and funerals.

It also provides bouquets for gifts and flowers to help decorate venues for other important days.

The team at A Secret Garden are certainly experts in their field.

The shop is so popular, it caters for around 100 weddings a year and Cheryl told the Hartlepool Mail: “We get clients from all over Hartlepool, as well as out of town and we do a lot of wedding fairs as well.

“We tend to get a lot from the south of Hartlepool, in places such as Yarm and Middlesbrough.” Cheryl said the trend for flower decoration this year included the jam jar and teacup with saucer effect to give a real country garden feel for the tables at a wedding breakfast.

But she said brides were proving to be very self-assured in their choices for flowers and colours this year.

“There’s no single flower that is proving to be more popular this year than any other.

“Every bride is unique and individual and we cater for that.”

Carl opened his Hartlepool shop in January 2008. He has been a constant supporter of the Bride of the Year competition down the years.

Bride-to-be Gemma, a mum to six-year-old Madeline, will marry husband-to-be Andrew Bazeley, 25, a Hartlepool refuse collector, in early September in the Captain’s Cabin on board HMS Trincomalee.

Gemma’s six-year-old daughter Madeline was the inspiration behind mummy becoming Hartlepool’s new champion in the competition run by the Hartlepool Mail in conjunction with Robert Usher Photography. Madeline wrote down the things that Gemma and fiance Andrew could say to the Bride of the Year judges on the finals night – and her words paid dividends.