Love was on the cards

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MEET a couple who were always suited to each other.

For when Raymond Bone, 44, and Samantha Robinson, 29, first met it was over a game of poker.

In fact, this was the ultimate Christmas romance in which love blossomed quite by chance.

Raymond, who runs his own double glazing firm, explained: “I was supposed to be playing snooker but the other lad didn’t turn up.

“I walked to another pub where I was told there was a game of poker just starting and Samantha was playing in it.”

Housewife Samantha admitted: “It was fate. It was meant to happen, that’s how it felt.”

Raymond added: “Samantha was there with her family and we just got talking. It was over the Christmas holidays and we arranged to meet on New Year’s Eve.”

That 2009 first meeting led to a wedding proposal about five months later.

Samantha – mum to Bradley Powell, 10, Brennan Wilson, six, and four-year-old Brooke Wilson – said: “We were in the Tavistock, in Hartlepool, and he was struggling to find the right moment to ask me. At first, when he went down on one knee, I thought he had fallen!

“Then he got the ring out of his sock and was asking me to marry him.

“I said ‘of course I will’.”

Raymond recalled: “We’d had a meal and I was going to propose. But I waited until we had finished the meal so there were not too many people around. It never seemed to be the right moment.

“But when I asked her to marry me, she said yes straightaway.”

Wedding planning soon followed and their big day arrived on July 2 this year.

It went almost without a hitch but Raymond remembered: “I had to swap my waistcoat with my brother because mine didn’t fit.”

Other than that, the couple married in perfect style on a day of beautiful weather and in picturesque surroundings.

Afterwards, the couple got to enjoy a honeymoon in Lanzarote.