FEELING GREAT: Housework can keep waistlines trim

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HOUSEWORK has the ability to delight, frustrate, anger and even injure.

Some of the most common and simple injuries can occur as a result of maintaining a clean and tidy house. But have you ever considered that housework might be a legitimate addition to your weekly exercise routine?

Is a vigorous spring clean likely to affect your waistline if you’re looking to trim it?

I’ve heard it said by many ladies that housework is their best form of exercise.

But as the years have progressed it seems that housework and waistlines are heading in opposite directions. Because of things like super slim and light hoovers, the average family size not as big as it once was a few decades ago, and new cleaning products designed to make scrubbing easier, your not likely to be burning as many calories as you might have thought – or hoped.

As a general rule of thumb, the experts predict that you can likely burn up to 200 calories with a typical one-hour clean of an average sized house.

To put that into context, if you see somebody jogging along Seaton front this bank holiday weekend, they’re going to have to keep going for 20-25 minutes to match the same calorie burn as you will doing your daily house clean.

So as summer time officially begins this weekend and you dig out your shorts and t-shirts, the ones that you maybe hope to be wearing on an exotic beach this summer, keep in mind there’s an alternative to the gym if your looking to loose weight. Keeping your house ultra clean and tidy can act as a very strong incentive in reducing your waistline and it can still produce the feel good chemicals that you experience after a power walk or run.

The advice that I give to my patients is to always vary the exercise that they do.

That way you use different muscles regularly and allow others to rest.

If you do the same thing night after night, such as pounding the streets with a long run, you’re more likely to get injured. Vary your fitness routine with swimming, walking and jogging – and add in some extra housework, and your more likely to achieve your goal of loosing weight or keeping fit by avoiding injury.

But one final thing to consider. Two hundred calories burned might sound great.

But now picture yourself with feet up on your freshly clean couch with a glass of wine in hand watching your favorite soap on TV. You’ve just put all those calories back on in an instant.