Football match to support young Leon

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A KINDHEARTED man has organised a charity football match and fundraising night to help a young boy with muscular dystrophy.

Raymond Liddell, 25, has rounded up his mates for the football match on Wednesday, January 15, at Grayfields Recreation Ground, off Jesmond Gardens, in Hartlepool, and a charity night on the evening.

It is all in aid of little Leon Robinson, aged two-and-a-half, who suffers with muscular dystrophy, a condition that gradually causes the muscles to weaken which leads to an increasing level of disability.

The charity night is to be held at Rovers Social Club, in Easington Road, Hartlepool, on the night after the football match, from 7pm.

There will be a DJ, raffle and sweet stalls, and people interested in going along can also go in fancy dress if they wish.

All of the funds raised from the night will go towards the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and towards setting up a fund for Leon, which will be used in future if he needs walking aids or back braces.

The youngster lives with his mum, Kay Robinson, 20, who Raymond is friends with.

Unemployed Raymond, a former Dyke House pupil, from the Hart Lane area of town, said: “Leon is such a lovely, happy little child and I just wanted to help him out.

“So I have organised a football match and a charity night to try and raise a bit of money for him and charity.

“When Leon gets older he may well need braces or walking aids to help him walk so hopefully we can help him.

“I am hoping to raise £500 from the night, which would be great.”

Tickets for the charity night cost £5 a ticket or £7.50 for a family ticket and £1 for children.

Muscular dystrophy is a progressive condition and it often begins by affecting a particular group of muscles before affecting the muscles more widely.

Some types eventually affect the heart or the muscles used for breathing, at which point the condition becomes life threatening.

There is no cure but treatment can help manage many of the symptoms.

It is caused by changes in the genes responsible for the structure and functioning of a person’s muscles.