GARDENING: Sunflower seeds on offer

SMALLEST: Sunflower Ms Mars.
SMALLEST: Sunflower Ms Mars.

SUTTONS Seeds is celebrating The Year Of The Sunflower, with an offer of a floral design metal box with four packets of seeds for £9.99.

The varieties are: Ms Mars (dwarf), Giraffe (very tall), Tasty Treat (edible) and Titan (largest flower heads).

From every pack of Giraffe sold, Suttons will be donating 30p to Greenfingers, a charity which creates magical gardens for children’s hospices ­- so far, it has created 44 across the country.

Giraffe is one of the world’s tallest sunflower varieties and is British­-bred for our weather conditions -­ 15 seeds cost £2.99.

For more information, visit Suttons website HERE.