Hartlepool DJ Paul ‘Goffy’ Gough back on the radio

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HARTLEPOOL’S king of the airwaves is set to return to radio.

Paul ‘Goffy’ Gough is set to get back behind the mic - more than four years after his last show.

Goffy will have a show on BBC Tees on the afternoon of Bank Holiday Monday, May 27 - and he can’t wait.

“I have had chances before to go back on the radio but I think this is the time to come back,” he said.

“When I left radio my, main focus of thinking was to set my business away and I’ve got Goffy Media really moving well now, so it’s the perfect time to come back and have some fun.

“That’s very much what I enjoy doing and I’m ecstatic.

“Last time there was a lot of pressure, I was in six-days-a-week under pressure to attract big numbers, this will be different and it will be really good fun.”

Goffy thanked Dan Thorpe, managing director at BBC Tees who got in contact with him and asked whether he would be interested in making a return to the airwaves.

“Dan loves people who are passionate about the North-East and I know this area and I love this area,” added Goffy.

“I can’t wait for the show, it’s good to be back.”

Goffy had a huge radio following with his Goffy in the Morning shows and has previously worked for Century Radio, TFM and Metro Radio.