Have you seen Remy? Family are searching for their African Grey Parrot loose in Hartlepool

A Hartlepool family are pleading for help to search for their pet parrot who has escaped from the family home.

Thursday, 26th September 2019, 10:53 am
Remy has been missing since Tuesday, September 24 in Hartlepool.
Remy has been missing since Tuesday, September 24 in Hartlepool.

Five-year-old Remy, the African Grey Parrot, is loose in Hartlepool.

He escaped from his aviary on Powlett Road in the Dyke House Area of the town on Tuesday, September 24 at around 9am and his family have been frantically searching for him since.

Zena and Tony Elsdon own the parrot but he is most likely to respond to their son Luke Elsdon.

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Remy has a close bond with Luke.

Zena and Tony’s daughter Sarah Morgan and her husband Marc Morgan have also been looking high and low for Remy.

Shannon Swift, Luke’s partner, is now pleading for help from residents in Hartlepool to keep an eye out for him.

The family were contacted by a member of the public who said that they had spotted Remy near Throston Primary School and Kullars Corner a couple of hours after he went missing. Luke came out of work to get him but by the time he got there, the bird had flew away.

Remy is grey in colour with red tail feathers. He’s described as independent and funny with a quirky personality but he often gets anxious around new people.

Shannon said: “We were searching for him all night. My boyfriend and his family are worried sick.

“We’ve contacted local vets and pet shops to see if anyone has handed him in but we’re worried because these parrots are quite an expensive breed and if he has been caught in the wrong hands, he might not come back.

“Luke raised Remy and he almost classes Luke as a mother figure and he only really goes to him when he is called. He doesn’t talk very much like other parrots either, he just makes noises.”

The family are determined to keep looking until he is found.

Shannon said: “It is said that parrots come out on the third day for food when they’ve been hiding so that gives us hope.

“We’re going to look around Ward Jackson Park but it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

If anyone spots Remy they are urged to contact Shannon on 07762957002.