Help us to find Hartlepool’s Pub of the Year

We all have different ideas of what makes a perfect pub.

Do you prefer a cosy traditional ale house, with comfy seats, crackling fire, the happy hum of background conversation and a pint?

Perhaps it’s the banter and cheer of a buzzing street corner boozer, or gleaming city bar, craft beers and rustic snacks? Yes, pubs are a haven of solace and authenticity.

Tell us who balances charm and history, service and sympathy, a well-stocked bar and hearty food, all pulled together with effortless professionalism.

Who should make the top ten from our list of nominees?

To vote, post us the coupon which you’ll find in the paper today and for the next two weeks, stating the full name, address and voting number of your favourite from the list.

Closing date for votes is 10am Friday, October 16.

Please note, unfortunately we can’t accept any photocopied or defaced coupons; coupons delivered by hand or after the closing date.

001 Acre Rigg Social Club Ltd, Lowhills Road, Peterlee

002 Castle Eden Inn, Stockton Road, Hartlepool

003 Causeway, Stranton, Hartlepool

004 Duke of Cleveland, 2 Church Walk, Hartlepool

005 Gillen’s Arms, Clavering Road, Hartlepool

006 Half Moon Inn, Stockton Road, Easington

007 Hardwick Hotel, Middle Street, Blackhall Colliery

008 Horden Conservative Club, Blackhills Road, Peterlee

009 Jacksons Arms, Tower Street, Hartlepool

010 Jacksons Wharf, Hartlepool Marina, Hartlepool

011 The Ward Jackson, 3-9 Church Square, Hartlepool

012 King Johns Tavern, 1 South Road, Hartlepool

013 Seaton Hotel, 1 Church Street, Hartlepool

014 New Inn, Durham Street, Hartlepool

015 Nursery Inn, Hopps Street, Hartlepool

016 Owington Farm, Longfellow Road, Billingham

017 Raby Arms, Marsh House Avenue, Billingham

018 Spotted Cow, 31 The Green, Elwick Village, Hartlepool

019 The Clarendon, 3 Tower Street, Hartlepool

020 The Globe, 26 Northgate, Hartlepool

021 The Golden Lion, Dunston Road, Hartlepool

022 The Greenside, Stockton Road, Hartlepool

023 The Hope & Anchor, High Street, Greatham, Hartlepool

024 The McOrville Inn, 34 The Green, Elwick, Hartlepool

025 The Owton Lodge, Stockton Road, Hartlepool

026 The Park Inn, 82 Park Road, Hartlepool

027 The Plough Inn, Front Street, Hartlepool

028 The Pot House, Croft Terrace, Hartlepool

029 The Princess Helena, 19 Whitby Street, Hartlepool

030 The Raby Arms, Front Street, Hart Village, Hartlepool

031 The Ship Inn, 50 High Street, Billingham

032 The Showroom, 2 Victoria Road, Hartlepool

033 The Smiths Arms, 29 High Street, Greatham, Hartlepool

034 The Wynyard, White House Road, Billingham

035 The Stag & Monkey, Brenda Road, Hartlepool

036 The Tall Ships, Middle Warren Local Centre, Hartlepool

037 The White House, Wooler Road, Hartlepool

038 White Hart Inn, Front Street, Hartlepool

039 Yates, Westfield House, Hartlepool