Hovercraft set to offer thrill trips at marina

Adam Henderson  with the Hovercraft
Adam Henderson with the Hovercraft

PEOPLE could be set to enjoy high-speed tours after marina bosses accepted delivery of a new £10,000 hovercraft.

Bosses at Hartlepool Marina are carrying out test runs of the new Marlin Flying Fish hovercraft and training staff on using the state-of-the-art machines.

The hovercraft, which has a maximum speed of 45mph, is hoped to be used to provide tours around the marina and give people the chance to enjoy a sea and land-based course by the summer.

Thrill-seekers will be able to enjoy rides on the 2/3 seater machine which will be driven by a trained member of the marina staff.

Adam Henderson, of Hartlepool Marina, said: “The stage we are at is it is going through sea trials and testing.

“The test will let us know how we go from land to sea and sea to land and learn how it operates. We are also looking at our geographical areas to see how we can build the course.”

The machine, which has a four-stroke engine, will travel a foot above the surface and will be able to travel on land and sea.

The marina already operates Thundercat rides for visitors and have also staged races organised by Thundercat Racing North East.

Between the Thundercats and the new hovercraft, marina chiefs say they now bringing top experiences to the North East.

Adam added: “There is already a Thundercat experience at the marina, but the hovercraft experience will be totally different to that.

“It is quite popular in the south of the country and, like the Thundercats, we are trying to bring it to the North-East.

“We do want to launch it by the summer season.”