How to beat the cyber bullies

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CYBER bullying can take on many forms.

It could be someone sending nasty or threatening texts or emails. It may be someone who has taken on another person’s identity online to upset them.

It could be someone who is leaving abusive messages on a social networking site, or who is posting humiliating videos or pictures.

And it is all proof that bullying has moved into a world far beyond the traditional view of the ordeal in the school playground.

Both the internet and mobile phones mean that cyberbullying can happen wherever you are, at any time.

So how should you respond if you become a victim?

Instead of hitting the reply button, make a note of the message or save it, including the time and date. Build up evidence which you could use if you needed to take it to someone in authority.

In other words, build up a definitive picture of the cyber bullying you have faced.

For those who face a repeated problem, the advice is this. Don’t ignore it.

Report it, raise it with someone and talk it through.

Help and advice is available and, if you are a victim, report the problem to the service provider.

Never respond or retaliate as this can make things worse. It might be difficult, but try to ignore the bullies.

Save and print out any bullying messages, posts, pictures or videos you receive or see.

Make a note of dates and times of bullying messages, along with any details you have about the sender’s ID.

You may also wish to change your user ID as well as your nickname or profile.

And you may also be able to help if you see someone else becoming a victim of cyberbullying.

If that is the case, do not ignore it. Report it and offer your support to the victim.

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