It’s all in a name

CELEBRITIES may not be as original as they think when it comes to naming their children according to research carried out by a family history group.

Analysis of over 750 million records by, a leading UK family history website, shows unusual baby names such as Suri, Cruz and Apple have been recorded for over 150 years.

Although celebrities continuously opt for the so-called unusual names, the website’s findings show that 79 per cent of people prefer traditional names.

The prize for the most original celebrity baby name goes to Sir Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates, whose eldest daughter Fifi Trixibelle doesn’t appear in any of the Census records.

Despite the move for “trendy” names, the most popular names of all time for boys and girls fall into the traditional bracket.

The top 10 girls names are Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ann, Margaret, Jane, Alice, Hannah, Emma and Ellen.

The top 10 names for boys are John, William, Thomas, James, George, Robert, Charles, Joseph, Henry and David.

Rhoda Breakell, from, said: “It seems to be a celebrity trend to name offspring unusual names, but this is not a new trend.

“We have seen what was once an uncommon name, such as Daisy, slowly being incorporated into what we now see as traditional.

“Our research has found that 79 per cent of people would prefer a traditional name, so maybe in the future Cruz or Suri will be seen in this way?”