Lil Diamondz shine on TV

Lil Diamondz
Lil Diamondz

A dance crew from Hartlepool have sparkled on their first appearance in a BBC dance competition.

The town-based Lil Diamondz are one of 24 teams hoping to win the Alesha’s Street Dance Stars title on CBBC.

Millions of viewers are watching the competition which is being screened each weekday this week and next.

Lil Diamondz made their first appearance in the show yesterday, in a heat when eight dance teams were hoping to clinch one of the five spots in the next round.

They were up against rivals from towns including Basildon, Glasgow and Stafford.

Television star Alesha Dixon compered the show and welcomed the young crews to the BBC studios.

They danced in front of a panel of three judges made up of Turbo (a finalist in the Sky TV competition Got To Dance), Lizzie Gough (a finalist in the BBC competition So You Think You Can Dance) and choreographer Kenrick Sandy.

Turbo told the Hartlepool crew: “I really liked that one. I wanted to get down myself.”

Lizzie added: “I love it. I could tell the difference between each style and I don’t have anything bad to say.”

Kenrick told the crew he was so impressed, he wanted to know where he could get his hands on one of the Lil Diamondz’ red T-shirts!

Then he added: “I love you guys.”

The Hartlepool team was one of 24 dance crews out of 200 across the country to make it onto the children’s TV programme.

Alesha’s Street Dance Stars is being screened on CBBC at 9am and 5pm each weekday.

Lil Diamondz, made up of eight town youngsters aged between 10 and 13, consist of Ali Rasul, Khan Rasul, Matt Ryder, Charlie Eve, Joel Copeman, Georgia Rowley, Rachel Hanlon and Paris Kennedy.