Living with your lounge

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There’s a reason lounges are known as the ‘living room’, because they’re exactly that.

A lounge can really make a house a home - it’s a place to relax with loved ones, snuggle on the sofa after a long day’s work, or chat with friends, so it’s no wonder that it’s often the room people prioritise when it comes to decorating.

“When picking a style for your lounge, quite often the answer lies in what fits best with what you have got already,” says Roger Mears, who set up Roger Mears Architects in 1980 (

“If the building is in a period style, for example, a classic approach could be best.

If it’s a country house, a traditional feel would sit naturally, rather than imposing these onto a new-build where these might look fake. It’s always good to go with the flow, and express a style with honesty.”

There are occasions when rules can be bent, though.

“Even in the most traditional of settings, there can be a feature that’s so outstanding (old floorboards, a period staircase, decorative ceilings) that a monochrome, contemporary minimalist look could really highlight.”

So treat the above only as a guide. As Roger says: “The final choice should be what resonates with your personality and lifestyle as well as your house, rather than a passing trend.”