Memories of the Kinks and Lulu

Alan and Cynth Wright now
Alan and Cynth Wright now

DEVOTED couple Cynth and Alan Wright are looking forward to turning back the clock to the day they met and catching up with some old faces from 1965.

The Seaton Carew couple met when Alan plucked up the courage to ask out Cynth at the Queens Rink Ballroom.

And the pair are looking forward to next Saturday night’s reunion when more than 300 people will relive their memories of the Rink at Hartlepool Borough Hall.

Cynth said: “We still see a lot of faces who went to the Rink around town and it will be great to all be in one place and have that atmosphere once again.

“I bet there’s a few people turn up we haven’t seen in decades so we will look forward to reliving a few memories I’m sure.”

Cynth was 16 and working at Stephen’s Cut Price Store in Stockton Street, opposite Binns and next door to the Crown Hotel, when she was asked out by steelworker Alan.

She recalled: “He came and asked me out and I said ‘you’re far too young for me’. I didn’t realise he was two years older than me at the time, he looked so young. I was meant to be meeting another lad at the time but I ended up meeting Alan under the clock and he walked me home.”

Alan smiled: “The boys would walk round the dance-floor eyeing the girls up and I’d spotted her a couple of times. I plucked up the courage and walked over and asked her out.

“They didn’t serve alcohol in the Rink but we used to go to the pubs beforehand such as the Blacksmiths, the Stranton and the Volunteers and have a few pints then everyone would head to the Rink about 10.30pm.

“I remember the bouncers on the door too. Dukesy the teenage bouncer and Stan Hill, nobody messed with him

“We saw some cracking groups and singers there; The Kinks, the Hollies and Lulu were my favourites.

“We’re really looking forward to the Relive the Rink event, it should be a cracking night.”