My horror health scare – Wayne Allen

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A POPULAR presenter has told of his health scare battle which left him in hospital for a week.

Wayne Allen, the man who will compere next month’s Hartlepool Mail Best of Health Awards, collapsed with a chest infection around five weeks ago.

“I am normally a physically fit person,” he told the Mail, but he added: “I woke up one day feeling rough and spent the whole weekend in bed which is not like me.

“I collapsed, the paramedics were called and that was it.”

Asthma sufferer Wayne admitted: “I really wasn’t well. I couldn’t walk upstairs and they told me if I had gone to bed, I could have gone into respiratory failure.”

He said he picked up the infection at Easter when bugs and colds were rife.

But he had huge praise for the NHS staff who cared for him at Hexham General Hospital, close to his Northumberland home.

He said: “They made me feel like I was all that mattered to them. I never heard anyone whinge.

“I don’t understand how people complain about the NHS. I want to say how brilliant they are, from the paramedics to the doctors and the nurses.”

Wayne is delighted to be involved in the Best of Health Awards.

He said: “It is my chance to say thank you for what they have done. I can stand up and say how much I appreciate them.”

Wayne is still not 100 per cent recovered from his ordeal.

But he added: “I can’t wait for the Best of Health Awards evening to say thanks.”