New lease of life for Hartlepool Marina bar set to reopen tonight

Rosie O'Gradys is opening back up tonight under new ownership.
Rosie O'Gradys is opening back up tonight under new ownership.

A popular Hartlepool night spot has been given a second lease of life after it was shut down by bailiffs last week.

Rosie O’Gradys, at Hartlepool Marina, has been taken over by new owners and is set to reopen tonight.

Hartlepool Marina.

Hartlepool Marina.

The Irish bar was one of two that mysteriously closed last week when bailiffs took possession of the premises.

The bar, at Navigation Point, was closed along with Vibes, and bailiff possession notices were stuck in the windows.

But now Rosie’s, which is popular with karaoke fans, has been bought by Ace Taverns, which already owns bars in Stockton and Redcar.

New owner Andrew McAllister said he’s excited to take over his first bar in Hartlepool.

He said: “We saw the article about the bars closing and decided to get in touch to see about taking it over. We’ve been wanting to move into Hartlepool for a while so took the opportunity.

“It opens at 6pm tonight and we’re going to keep it exactly as it is for now, until we get to know the customers and the areas, and go from there. We have lots of ideas for it.”

Ace Taverns already owns two bars named The Clock Tower, one in Redcar and one in Stockton, a wine and cocktail bar named Manhattan’s, which opens in Stockton next week, and Retro Redcar, which comes to the town in six weeks.

Andrew added: “There’s going to be karaoke tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. The weather is shocking but we’re hoping it’s still going to be a busy weekend.

“There was a lot of publicity about it closing so we’re hoping people will come down tonight to check it out.

“We’re just busy stocking up at the minute and we’re really looking forward to our first night.”

Matthew Spence will be stepping in as manager, having transferred from one of the company’s other bars.

He said: “I’m really excited to get started and to get to know the area and the customers.

“We’re going to work things out then go forward from there, and we’ve got a lot of different ideas about what to do with it.

“This is my first time working in Hartlepool and it’s very new for us all, so we’re really excited.

“We hope people come down tonight to welcome the bar back, and we promise it’ll be better than it was before.

“Depending on how things go tonight, we might open through the day tomorrow as well.”

The bar will open at 6pm today and close at 1.30am.