A mini get-together before the big party

Former Dyke House students at a previous mini-gathering
Former Dyke House students at a previous mini-gathering

ANOTHER mini get-together is taking place ahead of a repeat school reunion.

Graham Button is once again organising a gathering for pupils of Hartlepool’s Dyke House School.

It is planned for December 13, at a venue to be confirmed.

Graham appeared in the Mail last October when he organised a reunion for the school’s Class of 1983, to coincide with the 30th anniversary of leaving school.

But this time round the event, called Dyke House Combined Christmas Reunion, is open to all former Dyke House students, as well as teachers and partners.

Ahead of the festive reunion, a mini get-together for ex-pupils of the school is taking place on Saturday, April 19 from 7.30pm at Lloyd’s Bar in Church Square.

There, the old friends will have a chance to discuss plans for the larger December reunion.

Graham, a 46-year-old Stagecoach bus driver, said: “Both the mini get-together and the December reunion are open to all year groups.

“A few people I spoke to who left four years before me had said they wanted to go to the previous reunion, so I thought I would organise a combined event.

“The normal thing to do is have a reunion with your year, but I thought I’d do something different, what I’m planning is a Christmas party for all Dyke House students, which should be great.”

As well as former students, Graham would like to see teachers including Mr Wilkinson, Mr Hogg, Miss Dickinson, Mr Fox and Mr McLeod there.

For more information see the “Dyke House Mini get-2-getha. All former pupils welcome” Facebook page.