‘A pleasant and emotional journey’

Lynne Stott (left) with members of her family.
Lynne Stott (left) with members of her family.

AN EXPAT has thanked Together Again for helping to reunite her with her long-lost cousin.

Lynne Stott, whose maiden name was Richardson, has thanked the Hartlepool Mail for helping her on a “very pleasant and emotional journey” which led her to finding her cousin Janice Knight.

Together Again reported in September that Lynne, who was born in Hartlepool in 1958 but now lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, had lost Janice’s contact details and they had not been in touch for eight years.

But thanks to the Mail, Lynne, who runs a security company with husband Allan, has been put back in touch with her relatives after people who knew her family spotted our appeal.

The 54-year-old contacted us to say: “I would like to thank the Mail and its editors and employees from the bottom of my heart for assisting us in our search for our family and friends.

“The outcome was very successful and we are now in touch with them once again.

“Also a big heartfelt thank you to those people of the Hartlepool community that contacted me and volunteered information.

“I am happy to mention that this search resulted in putting me and my family in touch again.

“This endeavour turned into a very pleasant and emotional journey.

“To Tracy Walker a big thank you.” Together Again previously described how Lynne’s family, including parents Doris (nee Hird) and James Richardson, left Hartlepool in 1963, when Lynne was five, and they emigrated to South 

The family had previously lived in Inverness Road, in Hartlepool, and before that in Warden Street and Lynne, whose brothers are Malcolm and Keith Richardson, had attended the town’s Grange County School.

The family had also lived in Rhodesia for 10 years, from 1969 to 1979, before Lynne returned to South Africa.

Lynne had returned to Hartlepool for a visit in 1986, where she met her extended family, including grandmother Eva Richardson, who lived with Lynne’s uncle and aunt, Jack and Sheila Bate, in Wiltshire Way, Throston Grange and Jack and Sheila had two daughters, Lorraine and Janice.

She had said Lorraine, who was married to Billy Ramsey and had two sons, Peter and Craig, passed away, but she remembered Janice used to live in Elwick and she was a hospital worker.