A quest for schoolday memories

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A FAMILY Roots stalwart would like more help in her quest to research the past.

Anne Thompson has this photograph from 1949 which shows her during her time as a pupil at Sacred Heart School in Hart Lane, in Hartlepool.

Anne, who now lives in the London area, said: “I would like to know if anyone remembers this time. I am not sure of some of the names of the pupils, but the teacher is Miss Bennett.”

Anne does remember the following.

Back Row: Michael Swift, David Flounders, David Jackson, Billy ?, Michael Goggin, David Hanson, Tony Wilkinson, Tommy Nuttall?, Tony Barber, Lee Higgins, Terence Dorian, David Griffiths, Jimmy Tallon, ?, Davey Patterson, Brian Lee.

Middle Row: Brendan Osbourne, Barbara Pickstock, Pat Parker, Mary McQue, Barbara Leonard, Sonia Higgins, Anne Thompson, Dorothy Skinner, Kathleen McLoughlin, Pat Jessop, Margaret Watt, Margret Gleeson, Anne Edwards, Frankie Allen.

Bottom Row: Kathleen Kirby, Jean Harvey, Angela ?, Pauline Tetlow, Doreen ?, Joyce Daly, Ann Marschell, Pamela Moore, Margaret Ward, Catherine Daly, Mary Wilson, ?, Sozia Novak.

Anyone who can help to fill in the blanks can either contact Chris Cordner at chris.cordner@northeast-press.co.uk, ring him on (01429) 239377, or contact Anne via email at anne@listercentral.co.uk