A toast to Camerons’ history

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A BREWERY which has been a part of Hartlepool’s history for more than 150 years will be spotlighted in a talk.

Camerons Brewery has been part of the lives of people in Hartlepool since the mid-1800s and will have shaped the lives of many residents who worked there.

And to explain more about it, Marie-Louise McKay will be giving a talk later this week. Marie-Louise is the perfect person to give the talk as she is the manager of the Camerons visitor centre.

The talk will be held at the Central Library in York Road, Hartlepool, on Thursday, October 17.

Marie-Louise’s speech will start at 7.30pm and she told Family Roots: “It will be an informal and hopefully entertaining talk tracing the history of the Lion Brewery from around 1854 right through to the present day.”

Originally established in 1854 by William Waldon, the brewery was taken over by John Cameron in 1872. He was a brewer and maltster who was first engaged in 1865 to help run the brewery after serving his apprenticeship at Barnard Castle Brewery.

Cameron grew the business before rising to fame as a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Marie-Louise said she would talk about “the successes, the takeovers, the families who have played a part in running the historic business, ending with the present owners, the Soleys.

“Old photographs of people and places will be shown to add interest and to jog memories. And time permitting I would love to do a question and answer session.”

Marie-Louise said her aim was “to follow the timeline”.

Other notable highlights in the brewery’s history include

But she added: “Going off on tangents and adding anecdotes is a distinct possibility.”

People are being urged to book their place at the talk in advance. The talk is titled A History of the Lion Brewery and while it is free to attend, voluntary contributions are suggested.

Those interested in coming along should contact the Central Library on (01429) 272905.