All from different schools

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A WHILE ago you asked for photos/memories of Carlton Camp, and I’ve managed to find a photo which I think appeared in the Mail when the Hartlepool Schools Senior Orchestra had a trip in April 1972.

I went three times with the orchestra.

We used to have a section rehearsal in the morning, go out for a walk on the afternoon, then have a full rehearsal on the evening.

When we came back to Hartlepool we gave a concert.

Happy times, with lots of memories.

We were all from different schools in the town and used to meet on a Thursday at the old Park Road school site for rehearsals.

The names I have noted are as follows:

Back row: Mr Brett (clarinet), Paul Sellers, Barbara ?, Susan Fells, Mick Byers, Peter Linley, ?, David Frost, Gavin Smith.

Second from back: Albert Flush (violin), Peter Haughton (conductor), Fiona Haughton, ?, Barbara Skillen, Pauline Yates, Jane Murphy, Julia McKenzie, Libby Stubley, Howard Alsey, Andrew Brown, Christine Dowden, Patricia ?, Vicki Eleanor, Suzanne Scott, Mrs Newton (viola).

Third row from back: Brian Spence, Carol-Ann Roxburgh, Hilda Sim, Shirley Watson, Susan Blenkinsop, Pauline Lyall, ?, Karen Keeys, Susan Crooks, Julie Casey, Gillian Martin, Susan Maughan, Barbara Harkness, Alison Stott, Mark Roxburgh, ?, Sonica Robinson, Mrs Stubley (cello).

Front row: Peter Dowson, Carole Trundley, Faye Doig, Paul Frost, David Stockill, Ian Brown, Andy Thompson.

It would be good if others could fill in the gaps.

Julie Cordiner (nee Casey),

Dauntless Close,

Seaton Carew.