Answers from George at sportsman’s dinner

WITH reference to your feature and the photograph which includes George Best (Memory Lane, April 7), the event was a Sportsman’s Dinner held by HUFC at the Mayfair Centre, Seaton Carew.

I was a director of Pools at the time and am standing second from the right in the photograph.

I don’t remember too much about the event other than it was a question and answer format rather than a talk by George.

As I remember, Bob Cass fielded the questions for him.

There are four people in the photograph that I don’t remember.

But, starting with the back row, they are (left to right): Frankie Baggs, Bryan (Pop) Robson, Mal Kirby, John Craggs, Bob Cass, Bob Moncur, don’t know, don’t know, John Breward, David Jukes, me, don’t know (is it Bobby Kerr?).

Front row (left to right): Eddie Barnett, Roland Boyes MP, John Smart, Mr Best, don’t know, Johnny Hammond.

At least two of the ones I can’t name were, I think, representatives of Camerons Brewery who were probably Pools’ sponsors at the time.

Sadly, three of those shown are no longer with us. The inimitable Frankie Baggs, Roland Boyes and Johnny Hammond.

Incidentally, on another of the photographs in that edition, the one showing the Boro football winners, the man with them is Kevin Bew who worked for Yuill’s at the time.

Thank you for bringing back some good memories.

Alan Bamford,

Front Street,

Hutton Henry.