Appeal to find cousin Janice

Lynne Stott.
Lynne Stott.

AN EX-PAT has turned to the Hartlepool Mail to help her find her long-lost cousin.

Lynne Stott is hoping readers of Together Again can help her find her cousin Janice Knight.

Lynne Stott (left) with granddaughter Riley, stepdaughters Hayley and Terri and husband Alan.

Lynne Stott (left) with granddaughter Riley, stepdaughters Hayley and Terri and husband Alan.

She said she had lost Janice’s contact details and they have not been in touch for eight years.

Lynne’s maiden name is Richardson and she was born in Hartlepool in 1958.

Her older brothers are Malcolm and Keith Richardson.

Lynne now lives in Johannesburg, South Africa, with husband Allan and the couple have their own security company.

The 54-year-old said: “I am trying to locate my cousin Janice Knight, withwhom I lost contact many years ago and would like to make contact again.

“I also have other cousins I believe somewhere in Great Britain but have never had any contact or known whereabouts.”

Lynne’s parents were Doris (nee Hird) and James Richardson.

The family left Hartlepool in 1963, when Lynne was five, and emigrated to South Africa.

Lynne said: “Our address in Hartlepool before we left was 14 Inverness Road, and prior to that was 6 Warden Street.

“I can recall that my school was called Grange County.”

The family had also lived in Rhodesia for 10 years, from 1969 to 1979, before Lynne returned to South Africa.

Lynne said she returned to Hartlepool for a visit in 1986, after a 28-year absence, where she met her extended family. Her grandmother was Eva Richardson and she lived with her uncle and aunt, Jack and Sheila Bate, in Wiltshire Way, Throston Grange.

Jack and Sheila had two daughters, Lorraine and Janice.

Lynne said Lorraine was married to Billy Ramsey and had two sons, Peter and Craig, and lived in the house next door to Jack and Sheila, though Lorraine sadly passed away many years ago.

“My younger cousin Janice was married to Peter Knight, who also passed away,” said Lynne.

“I think Janice used to live in Elwick and she was employed at the hospital. Janice did not have any children and is in her early 50s.

“My aunt Sheila Bate moved into a retirement facility in Kensington Court, Holdforth Road, but I have also lost contact with her.

“I am hoping that someone may know their whereabouts, and it would be greatly appreciated.

“I would love to be able to contact any of them again.”

Lynne said her parents divorced in 1970 and her father remarried a woman called Jenny.

Her father’s last known address was a farm in Ireland and he passed away in 2002.

Her mother Doris is in an elderly care facility in Cape Town.

If Janice or any other of Lynne’s relatives recognise themselves, they can contact Lynne by emailing or by calling 27 11 795-3340 or writing to PO Box 946, Crest 2118, South Africa.