Back in touch

Former patrons and football players connected to The Chester pub which was demolished in 2007.
Former patrons and football players connected to The Chester pub which was demolished in 2007.

NO doubt lots of families and friends will have been taking time out to get together over the festive period.

Some will have come from all corners of the world to descend on loved ones in Hartlepool, and likewise many will have left the town to travel to see relatives and friends.

But getting together is not just a Christmas thing – it obviously happens all year round.

And Together Again has played a part in helping some people get back in touch in 2012.

These include ex-pats and long-lost relatives, old friends, and ex-work colleagues and former schoolmates who have arranged reunions.

Amongst those Together Again has helped to reunite are former Hartlepool woman Lynne Stott, 54, whose maiden name was Richardson and now lives in Johannesburg, and her cousin Janice Knight, from Hartlepool, who have not seen each other for eight years.

In February, we also helped to reunite Parveen Bashir, 64, who was previously known as Kathleen Greig, who now lives in Birmingham, with her sister Mary Darling Potts, who still lives in town.

The pair had not seen each other for 26 years.

We also played a part by promoting school reunions, including those of Elwick Road Modern School, Dyke House School’s Class of 78-79, Dyke House’s Class of 82, English Martyrs Class of 96, St Bede’s and St Anne’s School’s Class of 65, Lister Street School’s Class of 59, Brierton Secondary Modern School for Girls’ Class of 67, Henry Smith School’s Class of 2002 and Peterlee’s Dene House Secondary School.

And this column has helped to reunite many workers of town businesses, both defunct and still going strong.

These include most recently, the former Buxted Chicken Factory, Foster Wheeler Power Products, Alexandre and in April former staff who worked on the town’s railways.

Together Again has also been, pardon the pun, instrumental in helping members of former Hartlepool and East Durham bands get back together, some with the help of town man and former BBC Radio Cleveland presenter Stan Laundon, who runs a nostalgia website.

Amongst the musical groups we have helped to reunite this year are Terry Smith, Dave Batten and Ray Minhinnett of former Peterlee-based 1960s band The Kavemen, and Terry Metcalfe, Allan Rowland, Alan Gowland, Charlie Whyte and Derek Smith of Terry and The Orbits.

Arising from The Kavemen reunion, Stan was put back in touch with former Hartlepool United pal Mally Dawes.

We have also helped to promote a reunion which was held in October for anyone who was ever connected to the former Chester pub, which was demolished in 2007 to make way for houses, as well as former patrons of Norton’s Club Fiesta.

We have loved being able to play a part in reuniting friends and helping relive old times.

Get in touch with Tracy Walker on (01429) 239374 to promote your reunions in 2013.