Can you help name the minesweeper?

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Thanks to Derek Hinds of the Tees Packet shipping history group who sent these pictures to Memory Lane with the following request:

“An inquiry I’ve had may require your assistance from either yourself or Memory Lane.

“It has come to me from Dr Ian Buxton, from the WSS and Dave Sowdon, also WSS who has written a book on Admiralty Coastal Salvage Vessels.

“He is planning to write a book on the lifting craft employed during World War Two to keep the ports open. Two vessels LC10 and LC11 were built at the Furness Yard on the Tees in 1940. Only four of this type of 1,200 ton craft were built, two of which had Hartlepool as their base.

“The pictures show the two vessels in the Hartlepool channel, near to the old ferry, raising a sunken minesweeper.

“It was sunk we believe not through enemy action.

“Ian Buxton and Dave Sowdon have asked can we identify the minesweeper?

“Diane Marlborough in the reference library, and Elizabeth, a colleague, have been looking through microfilms of the papers from around 1942, the suggested year.”