Charlie was mad about football

ON February 9 Charles Angus Pearson was born in Birmingham to Simon and Lucy Pearson.

He is the great-grandson of Charlie Atkinson and Jennie (nee Angus).

Proud grandmother Pat Pearson (nee Atkinson) was even prouder when she was told that the baby would be known as Charlie after his great-granddad.

Charlie obviously left good memories for brothers, David and Simon, who were only nine when Charlie died in 1984.

Charlie Atkinson was very well known in Hartlepool.

Many of the town’s craftsmen who served their time in Gray’s shipyard will know him as the welfare officer for the apprentices.

He was mad about football and for many years was the secretary of the Church League, and spent hours at the typewriter doing his report on league activities for the “green un”.

He also played an important part in the Referees Association.

Both Charlie and Jennie were part of the community at All Saint’s Church Stranton. Jennie was very involved with the Toc H organisation.

Pat taught home economics at Brierton Hill Girls’ Tech for some years.

She and her husband, John, now live in Port Isaac - the village where Doc Martin is filmed.

As members of the local choir they have appeared in a number of episodes, especially when weddings and funerals are involved.

Miss M Watson,

Owton Manor Lane,