Cheers! Thanks for your memories of the Saxon

The Saxon in 1983.
The Saxon in 1983.

This atmospheric shot of a former Hartlepool pub had many of you looking back in time.

We asked for your memories of the Saxon which was in Easington Road and thousands showed an interest.

Playing pool in the bar of the Saxon.

Playing pool in the bar of the Saxon.

Our shot showed a sprinkling of people relaxing in 1983 in the well known hostelry.

The property has now been converted into retail units but plenty of you kept memories of its days as a pub.

Sandra Longstaff said: “That was a long time ago” while John Rogan said: “First pub I used to drink in! Shame it’s gone.”

Another to comment was Chris Laybourn who said: “My first pub too.”

He played pool in the bar and said: “Happy Days.”

Scott Collin took a closer look at the photograph and asked: “Is that a fox on the wall?”

Can anyone remember? If so, email

Les Lord Wallis also contributed to the thread and said: “Happy memories. Used to go there on a Tuesday with my dad and grandad.”

And thanks to Keith Denholm who helped with some more information when he said: “Ken and Ann Griffiths would have been mine hosts back then.”

Alan Dalkin said he “spent many happy hours in that room” while Colin Barker commented: “Another pub turned into a shop.”

Thanks also to Pam Smith who said: “ worked there in 84. Ken n Ann griffiths hosts n then Bill n Ruby Hudson after that.”

Chris Deighton said he had his first drink in the Saxon in 1975 while Anne Moon commented: “This brings back a few memories.”

Glenn Egglestone said his dad’s brother ran the Saxon at one time but added: “Can’t remember if it was the 80s or early 90s.”

Nearly 9,000 of you were reached thanks to the social media post and those to like it included Karen Bullock, Kev Powell, John Lowes, Sharon Hudson, Neil Rochester, Joanne Horton, Tracy Coverdale, Pam Smith and Martin Hewitt.

They also included Alan Dalkin, Al McCormack, Matt Monroe, Elaine Docherty Brown, Tom Kelly, Mandy Mccleary, Mark Gaudig, Rachel Hatton and Brenda Farmer.

We would love to hear from more people interested in sharing their memories of Hartlepool pubs from times gone by.

Get in touch if you would like to reminisce on anything from old pubs to your former school.