Clavering Mother and Toddler Club memories

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I REFER to the photo titled Mums and kids from Clavering Mother and Toddler Club (Memory Lane, January 7).

I found myself and my daughter on this photo and can also name a couple of others.

Back Row (l-r): Mum one ?, mum two ?, mum three ?, mum four Wendy Keen and son Joe, mum five myself, Sharon Robson, and daughter Katie, mum six ?, mum seven ?, mum eight ?, and mum nine ?.

Front row (l-r): Mum one ?, mum two ?, mum three ?, mum four Janet Ainsley and daughter, mum five ?, and mum six Denise Altringham and son Daniel.

Sorry I could not name any more but I would think the photo must have been from around January/February 1985 as my daughter looks about five months old on it and was born in September 1984.

Hope this helps.

Sharon Robson,

Formby Close,


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