Dave’s the man in the red suit at an icy town fundraiser

Dave Boagey, left, battles for the ball.
Dave Boagey, left, battles for the ball.

Traditionally, Boxing Day dips grab the charity headlines in the days after Christmas.

But in 2004, 26 Hartlepool men, including one dressed as Santa Claus, kept the festive season going when they played a fundraising football match for the chemotherapy unit at the University Hospital of Hartlepool.

The Catholic Club and the Rovers Quoits Club took part in the game and each paid a donation to take part in the match.

Dave Boagey was the man in red, and one of the organisers, Andy McCluskey, said at the time: “It is for a really good cause.”

Around £1,000 was raised but who can remember the score?

Elsewhere in town, something like 500 people took part in the annual Boxing Day dip at Seaton Carew and did not seem to mind the icy winds which made their North Sea endeavours all the more brave.

The first dip was held in 1972 and it was estimated that £198,000 had been raised by 2004.

Also in the news in 2004, the pupils and teachers at St Teresa’s Primary School dressed as Romans to make history fascinating. Topic co-ordinator Lynda Littlefair said at the time: “I think children remember things more if it is made fun.”

And on television that year, Changing Rooms and Auf Wiedersehen Pet were on BBC1 with A Seaside Parish on BBC2. The ITV offerings included Stars In Their Eyes( it was a Coronation Street special that week), Holiday Showdown and The Frank Skinner Show. Family Affairs and Home and Away were on Five with Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond on Four.