Digging deep from Down Under

Meagan Hungerford. Below, Meagan's great grandfather Edward Garrington
Meagan Hungerford. Below, Meagan's great grandfather Edward Garrington

FAR away from Hartlepool, Meagan Hungerford is doing rather well for herself.

The 25-year-old is an expert in design in the most populated city in Australia.

Sydney is home to the iconic Opera House and the Harbour Bridge – and the design studio which Meagan owns and runs. Sydney is also the place where she lives.

And although she was born, raised and has always lived in Australia, her ancestry lies in Hartlepool. She would love to find out more about it.

Meagan is hoping Hartlepool Mail readers will have the answers.

She contacted us via social media sites to tell us more.

Meagan explained her mother Carole had a maiden name of Baines and lived on the Headland when she was young with her parents and siblings.

She added: “They emigrated to Australia in 1981, where my parents met and raised myself and my two younger siblings.”

Meagan said she started looking for family information at the beginning of the year for her mother, as she had little knowledge of both her maternal and paternal lines.

She added: “I am currently building a book of the family tree for my mum.

“In particular, we are looking for information on my great grandfather William George Edward Garrington, or Eddie as he was known to family and friends.”

Meagan knows that Eddie worked at the steelworks in Hartlepool before leaving and moving south to Luton, where he worked as a milkman until he died in 1969.

She added: “He was an artist, and would sign his works ‘Ted Ingram’.

“Interestingly enough, my sister and I both work in the creative field. I am a designer and my sister is an animator.

“Eddie had two daughters, Sheila and Patricia, to Grace Athey. Patricia was my maternal grandmother.

“I have been able to make contact with Eddie’s sister and niece who now live in Rugby.

“They have been a tremendous help. However, as Eddie was a lot older than his now surviving siblings, I was hoping to find more information about him.

“I am looking for anyone who knew either Eddie, or Grace and can fill me in on their lives in Hartlepool.

“Or, if anyone has any memories of the Garrington or Athey family (Grace’s family) I would love to hear from them.”

We are hoping we can help Meagan with her research.

Anyone with information should contact Chris Cordner by writing to him at New Clarence House, Wesley Square, Hartlepool, TS24 8BX, via email to chris.cordner@northeast-press.co.uk, or by calling (01429) 239377.