Dishing out monthly savings for the miners

An old view of Horden Colliery
An old view of Horden Colliery

HORDEN is in the news as I write this, but for all of the wrong reasons.

I live in Hampshire now, but seeing the name on the news brought back some happy memories of the place.

In 1956, when I was a girl, I worked for the Trustees Savings Bank (TSB) in Blackhills Road, Horden.

The mines were still working then of course, and the miners had a saving scheme.

They had to save a minimum of 10 shillings a week but could withdraw it, if they wished, as soon as the payment went into their account.

This is what a lot of them chose to do.

So, as I lived in West Hartlepool, I would be given the monthly task of withdrawing around £2,000, a great sum of money as you can imagine in those days, from Lloyds Bank in the town centre.

I would put the notes in my ‘bucket bag’, a popular hard plastic carrier bag at the time.

I covered this with a headscarf for security reasons!

From there I would board the United bus to Horden.

As I walked towards Blackhills Road, dozens of miners would be sitting on the pavement outside the bank and along the street, waiting for me to arrive with their money.

A cheer would go up as I approached.

Maybe some of those miners remember being there.

They knew I carried a lot of cash but I felt in no fear or danger.

It was a good place to be and to work.

Catherine Back (nee Johnson),



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